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Twitterific! 9 Simple Twitter Techniques To Get You And Your Business More Engaged Followers.

Twitterific! 9 Simple Twitter Techniques To Get You And Your Business More Engaged Followers.


Twitter has revolutionised business communication
You are no longer finding your customers, your customers are finding you!

They no longer need to send an e-mail or call you to understand about your services and products, they are finding you NOW on Social Media!

What impression are they getting about your brand?
As business owners and brands, what marketing message are your portraying on the social sphere?
Twitter is a fantastic playground of opportunity for businesses to spread their marketing messages far further afield than you ever have done before
Developing and growing a loyal Twitter following is not easy, it requires time, engagement, interest and cultivation of relationships.
Below are some simple tips to help grow your Twitter following!

Would You Like To Get More Twitter Followers?

1. Share Quality Engaging Content
This is the top on the list! Quality content gives people a great reason to share, engage and return for more.
Share an article, provide something for people to look at, include visuals and videos, they are a great way to engage people with your posts.

2. Know Your Niche
Understanding your potential consumer base and their needs are critical to developing Twitter content.
Provide consistent, quality, engaging tweets on a daily basis that speak in your tone of voice.
Twitter is a platform where being a little controversial could be a great avenue for you to start a conversation. However, remember,the important element is to put your follower’s needs first.

3. Be Transparent
If you do ask for a follow, do not mislead people into following you. Be clear and upfront in your intentions and make it transparent who you are, what your interests are and what you and your business like to talk about.
Setting expectations from the offset, will ensure you are connected with the right people, avoiding frustration and potentially a loss in followers who feel they were misled from the beginning.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to find people and topics about the subjects that interest you. #ShopLocal for example, would introduce you to people who are actively discussing and sharing content about the #ShopLocal message. It is a great way to find people who are interested in similar topics.

Hashtags and Trending Topics are also a great way to generate business. If you would like to learn about these in more depth (and believe me there is a lot to learn) why not take a look at our one to one consultation service or pop along to one of our training events! You can learn so much about Hashtags and how they can help to generate ROI for your business.

5. Brand Your Twitter Account
Use Twitter’s customisation options to your advantage. A branded header image, a professional profile photo and a complete bio are a must to creating a Twitter account that will interest people from the moment they land on your profile.
Carefully write a Twitter bio that conveys you, who you are and how your business can help your potential clients. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, why not include the other Twitter handles so people can see exactly what you do? Keywords in your bio are a great way for people to see, from the offset, exactly what your area of expertise is.
Above everything mentioned, be genuine! You are a person and have a personality in the real world, convey this on Twitter

6. Become Actively Engaged

Join in with conversation and keep it in your daily focus to remain actively engaged. Scheduling tweets is just not enough, you must interact, engage and create conversation.
Ask questions to your followers and make sure that they are inviting to encourage a response, make your posts reply worthy. People lead busy lives, show them a statement that they would like to give the time to reply to! When holding a twitter conversation reply in thoughtful manner, transparent methods of communication are more effective.

7. Don’t Just Follow For The Sake Of Following Follow

Have a clear plan of who you follow on Twitter. What is your area of expertise, passion or hobby? Follow people that share information that you find interesting and engaging.

A couple of Twitter tools to find people to follow
•Twellow – A directory of public Twitter accounts, with hundreds of search features and sections to help you find people that you want to follow
•Followerwonk- Offers a great section where you can search Twitter bio’s and profiles so you can search by keyword to find people with similar interests, professions and hobbies

8. Promote Twitter Through Other Social Accounts

Why not use your existing social media accounts like Google+, Facebook and Pinterest to cross-promote your Twitter account? It’s great marketing to drive people to other social media platforms that they may not have encountered you on before.
Some people may not use all social networks so it’s important to show them where you are and where they are able to connect with you and your brand

9. Sharing Is Caring!
Twitter is a multi-way stream of communication! Take a look at your Twitter profile, is it full of your own posts? If the answer is yes, you are doing it wrong! Retweeting, sharing and actively supporting others on the Twittersphere will encourage them to do the same for you. If you see a great post, re-tweet it! If you like what someone has said, tell them! This is just like interaction in the real world, it’s important to show you are listening to what other people are saying too! You never know where this may lead, the next person you engage with may just turn out to be your next customer!

There you have it!
Enjoy Twitter, be friendly, polite, engaging and SHARE SHARE SHARE!
Twitter is a great platform of opportunity to find potential new friends, influencers and clients, if you are doing it well!

Ikea’s Iconic Facebook Marketing Campaign And Why It Worked So Well!

Ikea’s Iconic Facebook Marketing Campaign And Why It Worked So Well!

Ikea, the iconic Swedish furniture company promoted the opening of a new store in Malmo, Sweden on Facebook, using photo tagging as their marketing tool of choice.

How did they do it: Over a two week period, Ikea posted twelve photos of showrooms that they considered catalogue worthy. Facebook fans were invited to tag the items. The very first person to add their name to a specific piece of furniture then went on to win that item!

Why it was effective: It was considered as one of the lowest cost demonstrations of the incredible power of Facebook marketing, Ikea’s iconic campaign worked due to its simplicity, clear and strategic use of photo tagging and the short window of opportunity that created immediate excitement and instantaneous virality to each image. As the word spread across Facebook, users began embedding links and images in their own profiles and across multiple news feeds. In turn, many thousands of users promoted IKEA and its new store to others, creating a HUGE winning glory for IKEA!




Gordon Gustavsson IKEA Malmo photo album

6 AMAZING Boards To Follow On Pinterest About Social Media And Business Marketing

6 AMAZING Boards To Follow On Pinterest About Social Media And Business Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Peg Fitzpatrick – Peg’s bio says “Rockin’ a Positive Attitude” She provides engaging boards which contain everything From social media tips to branding, Peg is sure to give you a positivity and creativity boost!

Kelly Lieberman – Kelly is the founder of #Pinchat and a she provides an extensive amount of Pinterest and social media information. Want to learn more about Pinterest? How it can benefit your business? Kelly’s Pinterest account is the place to look, She has lots of useful resources.

Ching Ya – Ching Ya is a self-professed social media addict and her boards show this! There is a phenomenal amount of valuable content to be found in her boards. You will find yourself wanting to re-pin her content over and over.

Business Marketing

Sarah Arrow – Sarah is a blogger who shares a big organised board of her favourite blog posts. We would recommend following her, her content is absolutely worth reading!

Paul Biedermann – Paul is the Creative Owner of re:DESIGN, building your business brand in the digital sphere. If you are thinking about creating your business a flawless image then Paul is certainly worth a follow.

Marie Forleo – Marie is motivating and very inspiring when it comes to brand creation and business marketing.


The Blend Social Video

The Blend Social Video

Blend Social spent a great day in Nottingham filming our new video with Aztec Film Productions. Our brief was to produce a video to show you all the powerful statistics of social media and to demonstrate how vital social media is for business marketing. We decided to include an interview so you could see the passion and the face behind Blend Social.
Aztec Film Productions certainly delivered!
The team at Blend Social had a great day filming, laughing, enjoying some sunshine and taking in the views from Nottingham One . We filmed in one of their stunning penthouse apartments and we certainly had the weather on our side.
We must give a shout out to Aztec Film Productions and it’s directors Shaun Esden (presenter and producer) who arranged the location and presented and interviewed during filming! and Paul Randall (cameraman and editor) who put the film and animations together!
Shaun and Paul were a dream team for us! We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to them!
We were delighted!

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