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Making Social Media Marketing Magic! In 8 Easy Steps!

Making Social Media Marketing Magic! In 8 Easy Steps!

Are you ready to inject a little magic into your…….

Social Media Marketing?

Do you want your Social Media to sparkle, but don’t know how?

These 8 ideas below are designed to give you a little Hocus Pocus and kick start you into making your Social Media magical.

Where to begin?……

You don’t have to spend hours per day creating a perfect post.

You need a good understanding of who your end target market is and these 8 Easy Steps to get you going on your journey:

1. Optimise Your Social Media Bio’s

Make sure that you are ready to engage and connect with the right people!

Complete your Social Media profiles fully, be sure to include your industry keywords to ensure you have a Social Media rich profile.

Make sure that who you are, what you do and how you can help potential clients is clear in your bio.

You may wish to include hashtags within your Bio’s to make your keywords easier to search.

You should also make it easy for anyone to be able connect with you. Include your links to your website, LinkedIn and other social profiles that you are using.

2. Create / Join a Facebook Group

Invite clients, new business prospects and industry professionals to join your Facebook Group.

Explain the benefits of joining the group, DO NOT just SELL your services! Set expectations and be sure that everyone that joins that the group is in a comfortable space, free from hard sell! This is not the reason that people join a group. You should provide your group members a resource, not a platform of constant marketing and sales messages.

3. Chat To People In The Same Niche

Ever wonder what to write about on Social Media platforms? Are you struggling with content creation? Why not ask people within your niche!

Creating significant relationships with other influencers within your industry and actively creating a good online presence is a fantastic way to keep on top of the latest trends within your business niche!

4. Share Quotes

Don’t ever forget the power of sharing quotes. Social media users and followers, from many different interest groups enjoy reading a good quote.

You may wish to tailor these to specific days. For example a motivational quote would be a good quote to use combined with the hashtag #MotivationMonday

5. Share Other People’s Content

A major factor to social media success is sharing other people’s content, not just your own. Remember to share others content, and also to tag them whenever you share something they have written.

This will help bring awareness to their personal brand, and it is also a great way to build a relationship.

6. Use A Social Media Management Tool

Would you like to stay ahead of the Social Media game? Be consistent! A third-party management tool like Sendible or Buffer can help you to use automation in a planned and careful manner

As you find content that you may like to share add it to Sendible or Buffer and schedule a time to tweet or post your content on a regular basis.

7. Link It All Up! Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website

Using Social Media share buttons on your website and blog posts will enable visitors to readily share your information across the web.

Make them easily visible and simple to use.

8. Be Consistent With Your Social Media

Choose one Social platform and master how to use it well before branching out to consider other platforms. You are better to be fantastic on a single platform than having diluted and dull content across multiple platforms. Ensure that you have fun and enjoy your social interaction.

And there you have it!

Over to you to make the magic happen!

Magic book

Thank You To All!

Thank You To All!

Hi Guys!

The team at Blend Social wanted to extend massive thanks to everyone who has been here to help us through the launch of the new website this week……YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

We have lot’s of exciting things planned over the next few months and we will keep you all involved with the exciting things coming up in the Blend Social calendar!

So all that is left to say is HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!

Enjoy All!

The Team At Blend Social! HAPPY WEEKEND


5 Golden Rules for Social Media Marketing

5 Golden Rules for Social Media Marketing

Today’s business world is constantly evolving!

It is critical for a businesses and brands to be social, but also, stay socially active, up to date and connected with their clients and potential clients.

Social has provided a fundamental shift in the way businesses communicate.

It is  very common that many business professionals continue to find it difficult  when it comes to understanding and correctly implementing social media into their existing marketing strategy.

To help you along the way Blend Social are providing 5  golden rules to help you, if you want your business to excel in the social sphere!

1. Provide Great Link Juice

Make sure you write top quality content and link this back to relevant articles.

This will add relevance to your content, and  help to create rapport with influencers around the world who talking about the same subject matter!

2. Quality Content Is King!

This is the KEY element to any good Social Media strategy.

If writing content is not your forte , why not use the services of professional content writer. It is critical that content is of high quality.

3. Keep Your Content Updated Regularly

Writing quality content alone is not enough if is not updated on a regular basis.

You need to write and post frequently and with conviction. This will help to ensure that your past and potential clients will want to  keep coming back to see what you are saying!

4. Be Patient With Social Media

Rome wasn’t built in a day!  this is especially  relevant to consider when building your social media presence.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Social Media success takes time.  Invest time and engage in a genuine and purposeful way on a daily basis.

5. Use Your Eyes and Ears

Listen and Observe! Social media fantastic tool for  listening.

Pay attention to your clients online and help to answer their questions and offer solutions to their questions, problems and queries.






Winning Social Strategies. Your FREE eBook!

Winning Social Strategies. Your FREE eBook!

The Blend Social eBook Winning Social Strategies covers these KEY AREAS and other outstanding strategies to make your social media campaigns really sizzle. Completely FREE and courtesy of Blend Social.

RESEARCH  from the very beginning we help you to build the foundation blocks by doing all the relevant research required to build a good solid Social Media strategy.

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY – here we look at the one key element that is crucial to well performing social media- COMMUNICATION!

TIME TO BEGIN– when you are ready to go, we look at 5 key areas that will help you with your Social Media journey!

MANAGING YOUR EXPECTATIONS – if you are not sure what to expect from Social Media then find it in this section!

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