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£100 Blend Social Bonus Referral Scheme – GET INVOLVED TODAY!

£100 Blend Social Bonus Referral Scheme – GET INVOLVED TODAY!

Hello Ladies and Gents!

We have been busy turning clients into Social Superstars in a very busy start to 2015!

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU  to those of you who recommend us and give something back to you guys!

From today 21st January 2015 up until 30th March 2015 we are offering an incentive to all of you who are busy recommending our services.

This is how it works :

For every client you refer to Blend Social who then sign up and become a client of our Social Media Management service, we will give you £100 in vouchers to say Thank You……because, we really appreciate everything you are doing for us!

The £100 in vouchers can be chosen by you, to redeem anywhere you choose from the following:

Love To Shop – For those of you who love to bag a bargain!

Love To Shop Holiday Gift Cards – Planning a holiday and want to take the sting out of the cost! choose these!

Leisure Vouchers – Eating out , theme park fanatic ? take your pick with these!

You can either :

Send us details of your referral along with their contact details to


Pass on our details to the people you feel may be interested in social media management, and make sure they give us your name upon requesting an appointment!


So That’s It!

Terms and Conditions:

£100 vouchers will be sent to you based on a referral that becomes a signed up Blend Social social media management service client.

We do not extend this incentive to other social media services i.e social media consultation and social media training.

Vouchers will be sent within the first month from when a new client has made their first payment for social media management services with Blend Social.