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Creating Killer Competitions On Social Media!

Creating Killer Competitions On Social Media!

Competitions are used daily by businesses as a way of interacting with and growing  their on-line audience.

Many businesses choose to use on-line competitions as a means to increase their  Internet presence!

Competitions are also a fantastic way to drive positive brand-reinforcement for your business!

If a social media competition is done correctly,  the POWER it has to INCREASE traffic to your website and help your website SEO is immense!

Key, to running any social media competition effectively, is to create excitement and awareness! A successful competition post must be carefully crafted with it’s imagery, content and wording!

A beautiful graphic designed image, is the first step to competition success!

If you are investing in a ‘Prize’ to give away then it is important that as many people as possible know what you are giving away and get involved with the competition that you are promoting

Hashtag research and correct timing all go into the melting pot of bringing a competition to life and generating as much popularity around your brand as possible!

The time of year can also have an impact on the effectiveness of a competition or giveaway! Some of our most successful client competitions to date, have been during key calendar dates such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

You may also want to consider the type of prize that you are giving away. For example, if you were a sunglasses brand giving a way a pair of sunglasses, the likelihood is , that this would be far more effective and popular during the summer months, because the prize is in fit with the season!

Occasion based competitions are always a good idea, particularly if you have a brand that does not offer a ‘sexy’ product. An Easter hamper,  a Christmas voucher, a bunch of Mothers Day flowers, all offer up as enticing prizes for your potential audience!

Laying down competition terms and conditions ( ie: what do you need to do to enter ? ) is something that should be considered, there are many typical formats, but have you tried thinking outside of the box? Consulting with a social media specialist will help you to explore many different avenues and ideas and what will best suit and be most effective for your brand!

Time spent planning a competition campaign with a social media agency will also involve setting KPI’s and discuss targets to measure against the end result!

What are you looking for, more followers? increased conversation around your brand? re-tweets? traffic to your website? All of this can be discussed and crafted carefully into your competition campaign!

Can you imagine getting 1.4K 1.6K or even 2K +  Re-Tweets of your competition posts? Our clients have experienced this! With a carefully managed and promoted competition campaign this is achievable for you!

If you are considering doing a social media giveaway, do not take it lightly! popping a prize onto Social Platforms without thought out and careful planning will only result in one thing….spend on a prize that offers your business no return!

To get going on an all singing , all dancing social media competition campaign, that DELIVERS RESULTS! please feel free to give us a call or pop us over an e-mail!

We love helping companies GET SOCIAL and competitions are a great way to spread awareness of your brand in the social sphere!