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Small Business Social Media Success- 3 Quick Tips!

Small Business Social Media Success- 3 Quick Tips!

If you are a small business marketing yourself on Social Media, you will know it is constantly evolving.

Consumers actively look to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on prior to making a purchase decision. Social networking reviews act as online word of mouth recommendation and your social pages and profiles really are the heart of your business for everyone to see. We all know how crowded it is out there in the social sphere and it’s no longer a matter of if you should get your business active on social media but how well you portray yourself.

I would go so far to say, if you are a small business, you cannot afford to avoid social media, unless of course, you are happy to lose business to your competitors!

Social Networks are a great place to start to develop relationships and build conversations between your potential clients and your brand! With so many fantastic businesses using social media well it is important that you use them well and effectively in order to stand out from the crowd and your potential competition!

Here are 3 quick tips to get you thinking about your social media strategy, whether you are a beginner, or looking to give your content a revamp, these should help you on your way,


Consistency is KEY!

Your updates to your various social networks need to be focussed for your target market. They also need to be consistent. Create a schedule that suits you and one that you are able to stick to.

Your social following will become familiar with when to expect updates from your business and when to look out for the ‘Killer Content’ that you are about to present to them. Scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Sendible are great tools to make sure your content will be delivered on a consistent basis. If you are unable to send a post at a time of day that comes to be expected, scheduling means that you can continue with your other daily work duties, whilst ensuring that your posts are sent out across your social media accounts.

Whilst it is important to focus your content for your target market, DO NOT forget that ‘variety is the spice of life’. The same content day in, day out will become repetitive and boring. Keep your content varied, fresh and unique and don’t forget to SHARE other peoples great content to your accounts. A good balance of industry content, humour, quotes, visuals and interesting articles are a good start for creating engaging and attractive social profiles.

Have fun with what you are doing. Your audience will be able to see that you LOVE what you do through the tone of your social posts. Give them something to smile about, it all helps with your engagement.


Have you ever been tempted to buy from somebody who constantly bombards you with sales messages?

No, Not Me!

I’m sure you are in exactly the same boat.  Don’t sell yourself  to anyone before you get to know them. People want to get to know you, trust you and know that you are someone that they are happy to do business with.

Finding common ground with your followers is a great way to get to know people. This could be achieved by something as simple as asking people what they are doing at the weekend. Be interested in your followers, don’t blanket approach them all in the same manner, appeal to their individual needs and interests.

Talking about local events, current local topics of interest and showing that you and your business get involved in the local community will all help to build trust and credibility. Treat social networking just like face to face networking. Ask questions, engage with post comments, talk to your followers.

Listen and engage first. If a sale is going to happen, it will,  as trust and credibility is built.


Really concentrate on growing your social media networks with people in your local town or city.

The more involved you get, the more interactive you will become with people in your local area. If people come to know you well, the greater the possibility that sales leads and potential business will come your way.

Don’t forget to take online, OFFLINE…

Attending  local networking events (there are many of these) will really help people to get to know you. Don’t just be a face online, be a face in the community. When you get the balance right of being human online and physically networking face-to-face with some of the people you will meet through Social Media, you will find success.

Another handy takeaway to help your local social media following is to use hashtags. They are a great way to gain exposure within your local area. I would suggest Identifying a handful of area specific hashtags and using these in your posts and tweets to make sure your business is getting involved with local area discussions.


There are a numerous social media platforms where you can start applying these tips and techniques.

Choosing just one or two different platforms to begin, is a good starting point! Once you become happy with your strategy and know it is working well for you, then you may wish to expand your social networking further and try out alternative platforms.

Think about your potential target audience when you are choosing where to begin. Explore the various platforms and choose where you think your business would be best suited.

What is right for one business, will not necessarily be right for another.

Master one or two well and make them a successful part of your overall business marketing strategy.

Good luck and have fun!