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10 Periscope Tips For Beginners

10 Periscope Tips For Beginners

Periscope is a live streaming video social network that allows you to discover events. information, topics and discussions from all over the world through the medium of live video!

Are you new to Periscope or considering using Periscope for your business ? If so, here’s 10 tips you need to know about this HUGELY interactive and beneficial social media platform.

  1. Periscope enables you to stream any content that you like, live from anywhere in the world. When you are streaming live,  you are considered a ‘Broadcaster’.
  2. Titles are hugely important to the number of views your live broadcast will receive. Titles are what attract people to watch your live video so keep them as interesting and intriguing as possible.
  3. When you are watching a live stream, you are able to tap on the screen to give the broadcaster hearts. Hearts act as a Periscope applause. They show the broadcaster that you like what you are watching
  4. The number of hearts on a live stream help to measure popularity on Periscope.
  5. Periscope is a very engaging platform. The chat function at the bottom of the screen makes it easy for you to interact with your audience as a Broadcaster and interact with Broadcasters as a viewer. It’s a two way street and a great way to facilitate live conversation. If you wish to ask for more information on the subject being broadcasted, the chat facility enables this to happen.
  6. As a Broadcaster, you really should make sure to talk back to your audience. If people take the time to talk to you, then please take the time to talk back, it is critical for building relationships.
  7. Once your broadcast is finished, you will be able to view analytics, this will show you number of views, retention rate, duration of video, and the number of hearts that you received.
  8. When you complete your broadcast, you will see an option to save it to your camera roll and save it to be viewed later. If you save it to be viewed later, people who currently follow you will be able to see it for the next 24 hours before it disappears, this is great for your followers to be able to check in to see what you have posted if they are not available at the time of  live broadcast.
  9. Before you broadcast, you will see 3 icons: one location, one privacy, and one twitter. Here’s a little information about them:
    1. Location: If you  click this, your video will show your current location. Be very careful though, people can zoom in on the map and see the precise location from which you are filming. If you are filming your broadcast from home, we would suggest not showing your location for privacy purposes.
    2. Lock: The lock button will allow you to live stream a video for only a certain group of people to see. If you want to live stream to a select group then you can choose which people will be able to see your broadcast.
    3. Twitter: If this is turned on, a notification will be tweeted out on your twitter profile saying that you are currently live streaming on Periscope. It is a great idea to connect the two platforms, just be careful that you are producing great content on Periscope, you do not want to discourage Twitter followers from following you if you are not posting good quality content. As with all social media platforms, PROVIDE VALUE!
  10. When you watch a broadcast, if you would like to follow the person who is currently broadcasting, swipe right on your smartphone and their profile will pop up. You will then see their profile picture and be able to follow them.

From a business perspective, Periscope is GOLD! By enabling your followers to take a look inside your business world, it helps to enhance their trust for you and your brand and shows them a face behind the name. So go on, give it a go! Lights, Camera, ACTION!