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Available In 3 and 5 Day Options

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Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand.

The Blend Social Boot Camp, is designed and tailored for your business. It is available to you in a 3 or 5 day option.

The Boot Camp is intensive social media training that is focused to give you clarity, understanding and a clear, concise plan to be able to utilise social media effectively for your business.

It is not just about questions and answers (although many do and will arise), it is much more involved and hands on! The only way to learn social media effectively is to be involved in the process. Through our Boot Camp, you will become well-equipped with the different tools and techniques that will help you to manage your social media effectively.

Prior to beginning your social media Boot Camp, we will discuss and assess the social media platforms that you would like to form the basis of your Boot Camp (this also gives us an indication as to whether the 3 or 5 day Boot Camp is the right option for you). The reason that we don’t dictate the platforms that we will cover with you during your social media Boot Camp is for one reason only: social media strategy should always be business specific and not a blanketed approach. You and your business are worth more than a one stop Boot Camp course formula that everyone could implement.  Once we have gained a greater understanding of your business over the telephone, we then create a bespoke boot camp programme that we then implement over 3 or 5 days.



Let’s Talk Boot Camps

What Can I Expect?
We will always begin with an audit of your chosen social media platforms in order to establish a basis to begin an effective boot camp. We will cover social media tools and techniques that will make your social activity a much smoother and time-effective component of your business. We look at strategy, content and content creation. We take a detailed look at your ideal client and the places that they are using, engaging and buying on social media. We look at the psychology of social media, what your profiles are saying about you and, if these are consistent with the message you are looking to deliver to your potential clients. We look at engagement and relationship building and how your business can be building communities across social media to benefit your business.
Is It 3 or 5 Consecutive Days?
The Blend Social Boot Camp is usually taken over a number of weeks rather than 3 or 5 consecutive days. The reason for this? Firstly, you are a busy business owner and 3 or 5 consecutive days never really suits business owners who we know have a lot of other business commitments! Secondly, your brain will be bursting with that much information that we like to know that what we have covered in one session has been processed and understood well. Social Media is not easy and the gap between sessions is necessary to ensure you get maximum value from your Boot Camp with us. We will always aim to fit around your diary, even offering evening sessions so Boot Camps are a help and not a hindrance to your business.