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Facebook For Business

Facebook connects businesses with people. It is a very valuable and influential communication tool for businesses with over 1.55 billion monthly users. Facebook stands in a very proud and prominent position in the social media marketing world with it’s multiple features, the option to target niche audiences and potential business prospects and the ability to track and measure marketing efforts. Facebook is a KEY player when it comes to social media marketing for business, If your business is not currently using Facebook, then read on …

Getting To Grips With Facebook Social Media Marketing For Business

There are many ways that we can help you with Facebook marketing. Blend Social can fully manage your Facebook business pages for organic growth, we also offer to manage your Facebook ‘paid for’ ads too. By far, the most popular management service that we offer is a combination of managing both the organic and the ‘paid for’ ads for our clients.

Training is right at the forefront too, when it comes to Facebook. For business owners who do have the time to fully contribute to managing their own Facebook pages, training is a very popular option!

Facebook Management

When time is not something that you have readily available , then Facebook management is for you. A successful Facebook management strategy requires planning, execution and analysis. As with all effective social media marketing, establishing, growing and maintaining relationships are key to seeing success with Facebook. Our management services provide an engaging online experience and set the right tone of voice for your business. If your business is looking for authentic social media content that will grow your audience, drive traffic to your website and save you time and hassle then Facebook social media management is for you.

Our Management Services Include

Strategic and editorial page management

Ongoing strategy, research, planning and implementation

Growing relationships through Facebook Groups & Communities

Content creation, curation and posting

Sharing related, topical and local (if required) content

Member engagement and response

Answering or forwarding queries to your business

Daily management

We like to maintain strong relationships with our clients and so encourage a monthly meeting either face-to-face, via Skype or over the telephone to discuss progress and to facilitate an understanding of business developments and anything current that you may wish to include within your social media strategy.

Facebook Is Prime, Real Estate Space Online For Any Business. On Facebook, Your Business Is Always Open!

Let’s Talk Facebook Ads!
We look at Facebook ads as a 3 step process.

1. Discovering Your Audience

Facebook have some very powerful tools and features that allow us to have a look at your potential audiences. And, more importantly just where we can find them on Facebook. The first stage to managing your ad campaigns effectively is discovering who and where they are and analysing where best to find them to engage them with your services and products

2. Setting Up Your Campaigns

This is where we get creative! Having discovered how, where and when we are going to target your audience we then finalise your strategy by creating awesome, personalised visuals, graphics and text content (all within Facebook’s recommended guidelines and requirements) All that is left to do now is hit ‘Go Live’ so you can watch your Facebook ads campaign run.

3. Testing Your Campaigns

There is no point in doing all of the research and creative design without the final and most important part of this process, TESTING! We make sure that we test different ad types, different audiences, different ad designs and different timing schedules until we come up with the perfect combination to help you generate results. Once we have a perfect combination we are able to increase budgets to deliver the highest ROI possible.

Facebook Training

Facebook Training

Facebook training is the right option for businesses and brands that do have the time to manage their own strategy. It is a very popular option for larger businesses who wish to train their marketing department.

Through our training service, you will learn to understand:

How Facebook works for business

How to navigate your way around Facebook pages and groups.

How to develop technique and strategy ideas based around business and brand values

How to grow a Facebook community and build relationships through groups and pages

How to use  hashtags within Facebook, what they mean, what hashtags may be relevant to your business and how they can give you maximum exposure through the platform

How to maintain a balance between text, image and video based posts

How to use the Facebook ad’s manager

How to use the different types of Facebook ad’s

How to structure Facebook ‘paid for’ ad’s to gain maximum impact and exposure for your business

Ready To Talk Facebook?

There are many ways you can use our services to develop a solid, consistent strategy that encourages potential clients to engage with your business or brand. Whichever option you choose, we look forward to assisting you to gain maximum impact on one of the worlds most used social networks. There are multiple opportunities when it comes to Facebook for buisness so it’s important to understand exactly how it can benefit your business.

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