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Instagram For Business

A picture paints a thousand words! Instagram provides your business with the perfect opportunity to tell your business story visually. With over 400 million monthly active users it is a platform with power when it comes to social media. Visual inspiration and stimulation, lie at the core, allowing you to put imagery at the center stage of your social media marketing . Visual storytelling is huge for business. Instagram allows you to show your products, services, work environment and interests to it’s community of users.

Get Started With Instagram Social Media Marketing For Business

There are two ways that Blend Social can help you with your Instagram marketing. We can fully manage your Instagram social account, leaving you to run your business, or, we can train you to use it well to get maximum results. The real difference between the two options depends on two things, time and creativity.

Instagram Management

If you are time poor, then Instagram management is the option for you! Like all effective social media marketing, time is required to grow relationships within a social media community. Adding photos alone to your Instagram account will not determine it to be successful. An effective Instagram management strategy requires beautiful imagery first and foremost but the most important part is how you engage with the people that interact with you. Growing relationships is crucial to increasing your Instagram following and ensuring that you have an community that interacts well with your services, products, interests and ultimately your business visually.

Creativity not only lies in the imagery that you take, but also within the descriptions of what you write, text gives context to an image alongside relevant hashtags to increase your exposure throughout the Instagram community.

Your Instagram account will be managed to grow organically through our management services. Some businesses like to add an additional budget to incorporate some targeted paid for promotion within the platform. All of this is discussed prior to commencing Instagram management.

Instagram Training

Instagram training is better suited to businesses that do have the time to create, engage and grow relationships.

Through our training service, you will learn to understand:

How Instagram works as a platform

How to manage your way around the platform, technique and strategy ideas

How to grow your community and build relationships

How to utilise hashtags , what they mean and how they can give you maximum exposure through the platform

How to take photographs to gain maximum impact

How to write creative descriptions that incorporate your brand tone of voice and capture the essence of the image

How to incorporate video into your Instagram strategy

How to use and manage Instagram ads if you want to include this within your campaign

We Are Happy To Help Either Way

Hopefully by now, we have helped you to understand the different options available when it comes to Instagram marketing for business. Whichever option you decide to go for, we look forward to helping you use this powerful visual storytelling platform for your business. We look forward to speaking with you about the opportunities that Instagram presents for your business

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