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Social Media Consultation

Let us get you engaged with your Social Media Marketing

Sometimes we need help getting started and sometimes we just need a helping hand to get back on track! Social Media Consultations help businesses to leverage social media effectively, with purpose, to generate results. Blend Social consultations are tailored specifically for your business so you are fully equipped with technique, strategy and content schedules to put into action. The only difference between you and your competitors is how well you use social media. Knowledge is the power to unlocking the potential that your business has to generating real customers through your social media activities. Some businesses just want help with a specific area  or a specific platform, whereas others want an in-depth understanding of how they can maximise growing their business through technique, strategy and across multiple platforms. There is something for everyone from hourly sessions to our 3 and 5 day bootcamps!

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Why Use Social Media Consultation Services ?

It’s simple, the six most costly words to any business?

‘We’ve Always Done It This Way’

Social Media is FAST and constantly evolving. And therefore, as a business, YOU need to evolve. Evolving begins with understanding.

Alongside the more traditional platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the surge in popularity of ‘Live Streaming’ and it’s immense power to propel brands across social media, means that the social media landscape is shifting and changing at a more rapid pace than ever before.

If your business is just ‘posting’ and ‘tweeting’ with no real ‘WHY?’ behind what you are doing, then your business is already behind.

The social media consumer is far more savvy than ever before. Content is overpopulated and consumers  have far more choice to choose a business that offers the same services that you offer. They don’t want constant sales messages, they want savvy businesses who know how to tell a story, share experience and ultimately a business that will grow relationships and engage with them, just as we would in the real world. If you are not doing this and your competitor is, GUARANTEED  you are missing out on business that should be yours.

Social Media consultations are for businesses who are serious about monetising and accelerating their business through social media. They are carried out on a consultant to business basis and tailored specifically to your business. Successful Social Media requires commitment, strategy, planning, engagement, relationship building, consistency and unique content. In order to be successful on social media, it begins with understanding. This is EXACTLY what your business will gain from using our social media consultation services.

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How Does It Work

We offer this service in a variety of different options. We offer hourly service, a day rate service, but by far, our most popular options are the 3 and 5 day social media business boot camps.

These are usually taken on a one day a week basis across either 3 or 5 weeks. By the end of this training you will be in NO DOUBT as to how to use social media to accelerate and make money for your business.

Contact Blend Social to find out how a social media consultation services can help your business.