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Social Media Platforms

When it comes to social media marketing, there are many different platforms to choose from. Every single business is different and choosing where to begin can  be overwhelming.  At Blend Social, we can assist you in understanding what platforms may be best suited for your business. Whilst we are always looking at current methods of marketing through social media, such as live streaming and real time social media marketing, we also focus on the more traditional social media platforms. To understand more about each platform we have detailed 4 fundamental social platforms to begin your journey!


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Are you ready to understand more about Facebook?
There are a number of different ways we can assist you to make the most of Facebook marketing for business.
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Instagram is a great way to visually market your business.
Technique, timing, hashtags, images, short videos and consistency are key.
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Twitter has the potential to link you with millions of communities.
It requires relationship building, time, effort, consistent content and strategy. Would you like to understand more?
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LinkedIn has huge potential and power to connect you with business clients and decision makers.
Are you ready to get to grips with LinkedIn?
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