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Social Media Training

When you choose to invest in your business you are investing in yourself…..

Blend Social offers a number of different training options for you and your business. Internally, we help businesses to understand and facilitate the development of employee advocacy through social media, ensuring that business core values are still in place whilst leveraging the power of your most powerful social media tool, your employees. Our external training courses  help you to develop strategies and techniques in an interactive environment, providing actionable learning points to take away. Whether you are an avid Social Media user or a complete novice, our training courses will leave you equipped with knowledge to take action and yield results.

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Why Are Social Media training courses crucial to deliver to your employees?

Believe it or not, employees are your golden ticket when it comes to social media. For some businesses this concept is unheard of, as rules and regulations within businesses and organisations prohibit the use of social media for their employees. If this is your business, you really could be missing a very big trick with the evolving direction that social media marketing is taking.

Employee Advocacy is a huge growing trend in the social media world and could be defined as employees sharing their support for a company’s brand, product or service, on their personal social networks.

The goal with Employee Advocacy is to inform, engage and educate your staff, keeping them in the know, and allowing them to become ambassadors for your business. It is a way to propel your social media strategy with your best advocates, your employees.

The benefits of this are huge but employers can initially be apprehensive about allowing this to happen for fear of brand reputation becoming compromised. The way around this, TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES.

Our tailored internal social media training courses have you and your business values at the core of everything we train. Through our training process we can help to educate your employees how to use social media well, effectively and with brand voice and message in mind.

This process has many other benefits for company culture. Employees that feel more involved are 27% more likely to feel optimistic about a business’ future. It humanises the business and helps to increase awareness through the authenticity of employees voice on social media platforms. Authenticity is crucial to success that delivers results and increases sales opportunities through social media.

External Training Courses

We also offer external training courses that are less specific to your business and more focused on social media platforms with a general ‘How To’ style of learning. During these courses, like-minded businesses join to learn the latest techniques, strategy and content ideas. The social media industry is evolutionary and constantly changing. In such a fast paced environment, can you afford to leave your business behind?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and are looking to educate yourself or your employees to become social media savvy to generate real ROI, it’s time to consider social media training. Online, the only difference between your business and your competitors is how well you know to use social media.

We look forward to speaking with you about social media training!